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The Content that Builds the Life & Business on Your Vision Board

July 06, 2023 Cate Butler Ross Season 3 Episode 68
The Content Download
The Content that Builds the Life & Business on Your Vision Board
Show Notes

So,  I got distracted down a whole new social media platform today with the launch of the Threads app (yes, you can follow me on there ( ) which is more than a little ironic because I had also planned to record this episode today, which is all about not wasting our time down scroll holes and using this mid way point of the year, to tune into our visions for our life and business and planning content that's going to help us get there by the end of 2023.

Because that's something that I really think is important to remember. That it's the content that takes a bit longer to create, and maybe even a little longer than that to get set up and in place, that are the most powerful vehicles for working towards our goals in our lives and business.

Whether thats:

More income streams
Less time in our business more time doing what we love
Authority building
Creating a legacy

(or anything else).

So that's what I'm talking about in today's episode. What pieces of content I've created that have moved me closer towards the life and business on my vision board, what I wish I'd done, what I'm doing now, and how you can make a plan for the next 6 months, that means at least some of the time you spend creating content is going to have at least one, tangible long term result that your future self will thank you for.

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