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Writing your expert book: How to choose a topic that will grow your brand

May 25, 2023 Season 3 Episode 63
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Writing your expert book: How to choose a topic that will grow your brand
Show Notes

You want to write be an author because you know it's a great way to position yourself as an expert, call in new opportunities and attract more clients and customers - but what should your book be about, and if you've got lots of books you could write, which one should you write first?

It's such a big decision, and can be the difference between all that time (and possibly money) spent writing your book having incredible ROI or seemingly being a bit of a waste of time...

So in this episode I’m going to share with you the 2 questions you need to ask  in order to work out what is the best topic to choose for your book!


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[00:07:26] Choosing which book to write (or which to write first) can be challenging for a coach, creative or entrepreneur with so many things to teach. This is how I chose the topic of my first book, Soul Story.
[00:10:50] Choosing the right book topic is crucial for a strong premise and focused writing. It can take time to decide and is essential for writing success.
[00:14:18] Choosing your goal: If it's revenue, planners and journals are good for repeat purchases, and some authors have their own journals and planners. Another option is to plan to write a series like "Chicken Soup for the Soul" have also done this. But more commonly coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs are going to be writing a book with a goal of driving traffic to other services or products.
[00:16:19] Writing to market means creating content for a specific target audience. Authors write books for a dedicated readership and create content to fill gaps in the market. 
[00:21:33] A book is the most powerful tool in helping to decide if someone's services are right, based on knowing, liking, and trusting them. To determine the right topic for a book, two questions should be asked.
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