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A.I. Content - Freedom or Frenemy?

February 09, 2023 Cate Butler Ross Season 2 Episode 50
The Content Download
A.I. Content - Freedom or Frenemy?
Show Notes

Let’s talk about AI content.

Some people are raving about it.

Some people are worried about it.

Some are saying alarming  things like 'you've gotta do it or you’re gonna be left behind...."

And personally I've just had a gut instinct about it which hardly constitutes a nuanced argument.

So in this episode this is what we're looking at. How can AI Content help you? Who will it work for? Is it really that good? Are there any other considerations that you need to think about as a content creator. What's the alternative? And why is it that some people like me do have that illogical gut feeling about it - what's that all about?

Press play to hear what I'm really thinking about A.I.Content.

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